The doors close on May 31st and we start June 14th!

It's time to finally optimize your website and start getting organic traffic, leads, and sales!

searches to leads accelerator

sound like something you need? Then read on!

SEO doesn't have to feel overly complicated and confusing and optimizing your website doesn't mean that you need to hire a SEO agency for thousands of dollars either. Imagine having your ideal clients and customers finding YOU...

That's the beauty of having a functional and optimized website!

Your website is the best asset and organic traffic can be your best source of new leads, customers, and clients.

This live 6-week program will help you finally understand SEO and optimize your website. No overwhelming tech jargon here!

and here's the good news:
i've made it super easy with this program that incorporates elements of a vip day + training.

After the 6 week program, you will have an understanding of how SEO works and a fully optimized website that can start driving organic traffic to you.



Searches to Leads Accelerator

That's Right!

... in just 6 weeks.

Searches to Leads accelerator
What's Included

+ Website SEO audit done by me (this is why there is a 2-week gap between cart close and when we start!)
+ With the SEO audit, you'll be able to better understand what your starting point is
+ Create a game plan for your website and how to figure out what your goals should be

Website Audits & Goals

week one

Here's What You'll Learn

let's dive in!

we can't start with a successful website audit without creating a plan... and we can't create a plan without knowing our goals

+ Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
+ The complete overview of how SEO works and doesn't work, plus what is most important
+ You'll finally have a clear understanding of how to optimize your website and how SEO really works

An Intro to SEO

week two

seo can feel overwhelming and confusing but i'm going to break it down so it's easy to understand - without the jargon

+ A keyword research report done by me (woot, no having to do ALL of the research by yourself)
+ But you'll still learn how to do keyword research because it's important for new content and ongoing optimization
+ You'll also learn how to spy on your competitors keywords and the most important things to look at

Keyword & Competitor Research

week three

optimization is nothing without research and we will be diving deep into keyword and competitor research

+ Exactly how to optimize your pages for the keywords you want to be found for
+ The best SEO practices and how to know how to optimize new content you create in the future
+ Site structure, headings, alt tags, permalinks - we cover it all this week so you can get it done

On-Page SEO

week four

now we take all of our research and implement it. this week will be all about making changes and finally optimizing our website

+ Create a backlink game plan and strategy for improving your domain authority
+ Learn exactly how off-page SEO works and different methods (no spammy or icky methods here!) that will actually work
+ Lesser known tips for improving your off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

week five

off-page seo is a little trickier because you have less control but we will cover exactly how off-page seo works and how to create a link building strategy

+ Blog topic ideas and content calendar done by me
+ The best methods for optimizing your blog posts
+ How to research and come up with new fresh blog post ideas
+ How to repurpose your blog posts and use them to get even more traffic from Pinterest, too

Blogging & Content

week six

blogging and creating content is a great marketing method and tool for improving your website ranking and getting found for more keywords

Inside the private Slack channel you can get more help, feedback, and audits. We're in this together, week by week, step by step!

private slack channel DURING THE 6-WEEKS

You'll get a website SEO audit done by me, as well as in-depth keyword research and a blog content calendar. This is basically like getting a VIP day together within the program!

services provided by me *VIP OPTION

We will meet every week on Wednesdays at 12pm EST. At the end of each session we'll have Q&A's and provide you with action steps for the week.

6 Weekly Live Sessions

grow your website traffic

because of the done for you elements included we are unable to offer a payment plan for this program, but you can purchase a non-vip option:

6 Weekly Live Coaching Calls and Q&A Sessions


One-time payment of

Are you ready to work together to finally get your website optimized?

A Website SEO Audit Done By Me Prior to Week 1 (value: $500)

In-Depth Keyword Research Done By Me - Week 3 (value $300)

A Blog Content Calendar and Topic Ideas Done By Me - Week 6 (value $500)

Private Slack Community for 6-weeks

Lifetime access to the replays, trainings, templates

VIP Option

6 Weekly Live Coaching Calls and Q&A Sessions


One-time payment of

A Website SEO Audit Done By Me Prior to Week 1 (value: $500)

In-Depth Keyword Research Done By Me - Week 3 (value $300)

A Blog Content Calendar and Topic Ideas Done By Me - Week 6 (value $500)

Private Slack Community for 6-weeks

Lifetime access to the replays, trainings, templates

Program Only

Our first call is Wednesday, June 15th at 12 pm EST. We’ll meet at the same time every week for 6 weeks.

1 hour calls and 1-2 hours of implementation per week.

That’s only 2-3 hours per week, for 6 weeks, to finally understand SEO and have a fully optimized website.

It is not specific to any one website platform, but I do have SEO experience with WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Yes. You should already have a live website on a self-hosted platform, such as, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify or Showit.

This is a live and very interactive program so I do recommend trying to make as many calls as possible, or at least watching the replay the following week. We want you to be successful but this program does require some action each week on your part.

Totally fine! SEO is very techy but I try my hardest to break it down in a super easy to understand way. We also only focus on what's important, none of the extra junk that you don't really need to know unless you want to become an SEO expert yourself.

The VIP option includes SEO services provided by me including an in-depth website audit, keyword research, and a blog content calendar for optimized content that's going to draw your audience in even more. If you choose the program only option, you'll get everything else but the done for you services included (but you'll still plenty of support and how-to info for doing those steps yourself).

Send an email to and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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frequently asked Questions

answers for you

I know SEO can be confusing and overwhelming which is exactly why I created the live version of the Searches to Leads Accelerator... so we could work together, step by step, and break it down into easy bite sized pieces each week.

who wouldn't want ideal clients coming to them through search engines? these are the people more likely to convert because they are searching for you.

As an introvert, I'm a little bit obsessed with organic traffic and SEO. I started building websites and studying SEO when I was 12 (whoa, that was 24 years ago!)

I've seen first hand the magic of organic traffic and having a website that actually ranks in search engines.

Hey there, I'm Tara!

let's get aquainted

You are super busy and can't make the time weekly to spend on the action steps. You can go back through it on your own later, but the magic is when we work together step by step

Don't want to take the time to learn one more thing and would rather focus your efforts elsewhere

You are already happy with your website and the amount of search engine traffic you are driving to it, maybe you're already working with a SEO agency so they've got you covered

this is not for you if...

Ready to commit to a live program and have the time to spend each week dedicated to taking action... no action = no results.

Ready to finally understand SEO and optimize your website to get traffic coming to you on autopilot like a magic machine

Someone who has a website but it's either just pretty (and not functional) or it's just a hot mess and you know you have little to zero search engine traffic coming your way right now

this is for you if you are... 

Ready to join the live program and finally have organic leads and traffic?